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Managed Services Provider (MSP)

With us, you鈥檒l receive quality, yet affordable, IT services.听

Having an internal IT department can get expensive. Between salaries, benefits, equipment, facility and other miscellaneous expenses, having internal IT can cost a small to mid-sized business upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.听

For an organization that doesn鈥檛 specialize in IT services, it can be beneficial to bring in an external IT team for your convenience whenever, wherever you need them. We are here to be that team.

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Get Answers to Your Top Questions

The IT landscape is continuously evolving, and new challenges and technologies emerge every day. It’s essential for small and medium-sized businesses to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Our MSP team simplifies the world of IT and compliance so you can focus on what you do best.

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How can I protect my data from cyber threats?

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Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Enter our security and data experts.

黑料社区鈥檚听knowledge and听experience is built upon the rigorous听duties听of protecting federal customers, the DoD, and civilian aerospace organizations. If the government can trust us with their information, so can you.

We simplify intimidating cyber threats, like the dark web, and security measures to best fit your business.

What am I missing to take my business to the next level?

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IT Infrastructure

If you are relying on old equipment, then it may be time for an update.

Let our experts simplify the process so your data and applications are accessible from anywhere.听 We will even help you to maintain your systems by automating updates, so you have less to worry about.听

We make the process of upgrading to the cloud simple.听

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What are the best cloud solutions for our needs?

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Cloud Services & Mitigation

We will take the time to learn your business to help you decide if the cloud is right for you.

We can simplify the different cloud solutions to help you make the best decision, and we will do the grunt work and migrate your business to the cloud.

Reinforce Security Training

End User Security Platform

Employees- your greatest asset, and your biggest risk. Equip your team with the right tools. Get ahead of training and create a human firewall.

  • Dark Web Scans: find out who in your company has private info floating in the dark web
  • Micro-Training: short, informational videos sent to your employees weekly
  • Phishing Campaigns: test your employees’ ability to identify scams
  • Cybersecurity Policies: customize our pre-written policies
  • Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessments: find out where your employees鈥 cybersecurity knowledge lies听
  • Periodic Reviews of Cyber Hygiene: regularly check in with employees to assess their knowledge

Learn more about how to prevent cyberattacks through our End User Security Platform.

The 黑料社区 Difference

At our core, we believe that collaboration is the key to providing great service. We work with customers to develop innovative and tailored IT solutions for their most critical issues or problems.

黑料社区 is ready to bring over a decade鈥檚 worth of expertise to help small and mid-sized businesses find answers to their top questions. Our team brings robust and relevant experience, a proven track record and deep technical expertise.

Wherever your business takes you, 黑料社区 MSP will be your reliable partner and help you navigate any challenge that may come your way.

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Response time is superb! Very friendly and reached out via Teams (as well as email) to notify me that my ticket was completed.


When your system stresses you out, it’s good to know we have a fantastic IT team to save the day.


WOW! This turnaround happened within minutes and as it is urgent – is most appreciated!



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