Enterprise Support

Provide continuous training and development for military personnel

黑料社区 has served as a trusted advisor delivering C5ISR enterprise support for over 15 years providing acquisition and sustainment support, specialized technical engineering, and testing new C5ISR technology. 黑料社区 has provided total package fielding on all Distributed Common Ground System 鈥 Army (DCGS-A) systems and training and support for the following service areas.


Acquisition and Sustainment: 黑料社区 helps customers adapt, modify, and bridge capabilities to ensure they maintain continuity and mission effectiveness as the threats change or the effectiveness of fielded C5ISR technologies decline. We understand the dynamic nature of advancements in information science and stand ready to help the Army upgrade their technology.

Specialty Engineering and Leadership: 黑料社区 understands the highly complex C5ISR engineering domains and helps customers reduce risks and increase cost effectiveness, while maintaining, scheduling, delivery, and system and equipment reliability.

C5ISR Platform Prototyping, Integrating, and Testing: 黑料社区 has been helping prototype, field, integrate, and test new C5ISR technology for more than a decade. We understand this new technology is designed for war and must be interoperable and compatible within other interdependent systems, appropriately powered and cooled, properly stored, and developed to avoid communications interference.

Certification and Accreditation: For more than a decade, 黑料社区 has helped develop new C5ISR systems and documentation to meet strict certification and accreditation requirements.

Service Areas

  • Equipment training
  • Key personnel training
  • Over the shoulder training
  • Comprehensive integrated product support
  • Software builds
  • Services supply support
  • Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) inventory management


  • Acquisition and Sustainment
  • Specialty Engineering
  • Prototype/Fabrication
  • Fielding/Integration
  • Environmental and Electromagnetic Interference Testing
  • Certification/Accreditation
  • Quality Assurance