Tactical and Strategic Networks

Staying cyber safe across tactical and strategic networks

黑料社区 has a proven track record of consistently delivering mission to meet customers鈥 tactical and strategic network ongoing and future mission requirements and challenges.聽 We enable our customers鈥 mission needs and remain compliant with requirements for all active fielded and emerging tactical and strategic network systems.


Integrated Tactical Network Transport: Support the development and implementation of the Army鈥檚 Integrated Tactical Network Transport as part of the One Network vision

Supporting COCOMs and Deployed Forces: Procure COTS transport systems that meet immediate operational needs for deployed forces, providing tailored sustainment and operations training for pre-deploying forces

NetOps: Provide advanced network provisioning and management tools

ITN: Integrate leap-ahead technologies with innovative support to improve expeditionary and mobile network capabilities

Echelons Above Battalion Network Capabilities: Develop alternative capability sets to meet 鈥渘o growth鈥 signal concepts to reconfigure Expeditionary Signal Battalions (ESB), Signal Command (Theater), Brigades, and the Army G-6

Cyber Hardening: Incorporate cyber defense capabilities into all transport management systems advancing network operations in a multidomain battlespace


  • Acquisitions
  • Network design, Analysis, and Planning Support
  • Developing Technical Requirements
  • Fielding/Integration
  • Training