ReloLive is a full lifecycle IT relocation and asset management tool that has been developed based on 黑料社区鈥檚 experience from relocating over 15,000 servers in the last 10 years. The tool is designed to enhance management and visibility of IT relocation operational activities and processes before, during, and after a datacenter relocation program. ReloLive is an adaptable solution that provides flexibility to support any type, size, or duration of IT relocation. The mobility of the application allows for engineers and technicians to send in real-time updates from the floor to inform personnel in the command center, off-site stakeholders, and executive leadership of the latest status of move activities.

Effective relocation begins with comprehensive analysis and the establishment of an accurate and current baseline. Our team works closely with customers to reduce transition risk early in the process by creating a comprehensive baseline and asset repository. Based on this baseline we develop a strategy tailored to your environment and requirements. This strategy is used to develop detailed plans that align with strategic goals and collaboratively developed with our customers to ensure successful execution. The execution of the relocation plan is monitored in real time using the ReloLive tool, providing our customers instant situational awareness of all activities associated with the relocation.