Digital Twin

黑料社区鈥檚 Digital Twin technology provides a virtual representation of real-world entities and processes, meticulously synchronized at specific frequencies and fidelities. These systems revolutionize businesses by facilitating a comprehensive understanding of operations, enabling optimal decision-making, and promoting effective action.

By utilizing both real-time and historical data, 黑料社区鈥檚 Digital Twin platform accurately reflects the past and present, while also simulating future scenarios. Driven by desired outcomes and tailored to specific use cases, these systems are powered by seamless integration, underpinned by robust data, guided by expert domain knowledge, and implemented within IT infrastructures. This innovative approach ensures that organizations can optimize their operations and achieve their strategic goals more efficiently.

Real World Benefits

Experience the transformative power of Digital Twin technology, where asset service life is maximized through cutting-edge predictive maintenance. Watch your production throughput and operational efficiency soar as we optimize equipment usage and streamline maintenance planning. Enjoy the thrill of significantly reduced maintenance costs, all thanks to our precise, data-driven insights and enhanced resource allocation all from 黑料社区鈥檚 Digital Twin platform.


Digital Thread

Our Digital Thread services feature automated pipelines for artifact and relationship creation, real-time interaction and querying using natural language AI assistants, integration with Data Catalog and Digital Twin, and real-time data streaming, supported by over 50 API integrations with applications such as Magicdraw, Teamcenter, Windchill, Matlab Simulink, and more, ensuring seamless connectivity and comprehensive data management across various platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence services encompass traditional machine learning for sensor predictions and time series analysis, advanced neural networks for Point Cloud segmentation and object identification, and multi-agent generative AI accessible through a chatbot linked to the Digital Thread, Digital Twin, Data Catalog, and IoT platforms.

Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality services provide an interactive experience that enhances the real world with computer-generated perceptual information, supported by hardware like Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap 2, offering capabilities such as work instructions, activity recording for QA, environmental overlays, real-time asset locations, multi-user collaboration with our Digital Twin platform, and real-time information displays linked to the Digital Thread.

Additional Features

3D Laser Scanning

黑料社区 meticulously captures the ‘as-built’ state of factories, equipment, tooling, and more, utilizing target-based registration for detailed scans and hand scanners for quick information gathering, ensuring precise spatial data for layout, flatness, resource verification, and quality assurance.

3D Modeling

Our 3D Modeling services leverage laser scanning, 2D drawings, and other resources to create highly accurate 3D models of production environments, utilizing machine learning to automate object extraction from point clouds and enabling precise space planning, factory layout optimization, maintenance scheduling, and cross-discipline collaboration, ultimately integrating these models into the Digital Twin Platform for smarter, more efficient maintenance and production optimization.

Geodetic Surveying

Our Geodetic Surveying services accurately determine the precise positions of permanent points on the Earth’s surface, accounting for its shape, size, and curvature, facilitating the accurate placement of building components, tooling, and hardware, correcting discrepancies with Point Cloud registrations, and creating detailed blueprints for construction activities

Training and Simulation

Our Training and Simulation services enable comprehensive environment interrogation, integration of disparate systems for enhanced informational awareness, preventative maintenance, IoT integration for predictive analysis, manufacturing optimization using RTLS, multi-user collaboration, real-time asset tracking, reduction of operating costs, accurate table-top training based on the as-is state, and security training simulations for potential threat scenarios.


Our Photogrammetry services capture 3D morphology with photorealistic textures at low costs, swiftly populating large spaces and creating lower fidelity 3D objects, transforming meshes into optimized 3D models with realistic textures and color palettes critical for LOD 400-500

Industrial IoT Sensors

Our Industrial IoT Sensors provide real-time location tracking (RTLS) and environmental monitoring, delivering precise asset location within a 1-foot radius, continuous tracking for workflow optimization, agile operations, and inventory analysis, while aiding factory simulations by collecting real-world movement data, and enabling energy savings and reduction of rework, with capabilities to view historical, real-time, and predicted sensor values from virtually any IoT platform.

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